Our Story

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Let me guess; you're thinking; "Will people will think I'm crazy if I stop everything in the hustle and bustle of the boarding process, to put this thing on my seat". Am I right?

I'm here to tell you that I've been using my seat covers on planes for years and 9 times out of 10 its the flight attendants giving me looks of approval and wanting the details for where to purchase them for themselves or as gifts!

I'm the person you see on the plane contorted into every nook and cranny of my space, trying to get comfortable. Since I always seem to wake up with my face glued to the seat I began to wonder just how clean the seats I'm obliged to sit in for hours and hours at a time, actually are. When I started asking flight attendants and researching how often airplane seats are cleaned, the answer wasn’t daily or weekly and in most cases, not even yearly. Admittedly, given the status quo of modern day air travel it should have come as no surprise but wondering is different than knowing and it was with this realization that I decided it was on me to raise the standards of my in-flight experience, as counting on the airlines to step up their game was probably not in the cards. 

The idea....

During my eureka moment, I began to see “my” seat as the seat of countless others — where others have sat, sweat, slept, eaten, etc.. In trying to think of what I could do to better my situation it struck me that seats are basically little mattresses and that in the western world we use sheets on mattresses! So there it was; I wanted something that would cover the seat the way a sheet covers a mattress that was washable, comfortable and of course fast and easy to use. I looked on the market and didn't see anything quite like what I had in mind, so since having things made is what I do for a living it became clear that the thing to do was to create my dream product myself. 

The result....

NiceSeats were originally designed for airplanes but happily, I've found they work on lots of other kinds of seats that are equally as unkempt as airplane seats. They work on train seats on the way to the airport, on buses between cities, and in movie theaters; have you ever looked at those seats in good lighting? In fact, new places to use NiceSeats are still being discovered; for example, a customer messaged me that she had smoothed her seat cover out on the floor at the gate in the AirFrance terminal at LAX so she could make a nice play space for her kids while waiting to board. Knowing that I make something that people can use to meet their needs in a variety of circumstances motivates me to keep creating. 

My initial goal was just to make travel time in public seats cleaner and perhaps a more dignified but through the process, I've discovered there are a growing number of people that NiceSeats serves in a more meaningful way. Those who live with severe allergies report that the barrier NiceSeats provides helps to reduce contact with potential irritants and allergens. Additionally, by limiting exposure to bacteria commonly found on seats, NiceSeats also proves to be of assistance to those with immune deficiencies. Having build something that can be protective as well as comforting for a wide variety of people has been an especially rewarding part of the journey thus far. 

All the best, 

Angela Aaron - Founder / CEO of NiceSeats