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Not So Basic Black & White Travel Set

Our travel set bundles are designed to provide you with the highest quality, travel essentials for smarter, safer, more comfortable travel. 


  • 1 NiceSeats Airplane Seat Cover | Fits Lie-Flat Size Airplane Seats in Business & First Class
  • 1 oz Travel Size NiceSpray | All Natural Disinfectant Spray for Fabrics, Surfaces & Skin
  • Cotton Woven Face Mask w/ Adjustable Ear Loops. Washable, breathable, designed in the style of N95 masks. 
  • 2 Activated Charcoal Mask Filters for Enhanced Breathability & Protection
NiceSeats airplane seat covers were designed and created in 2005 but it wasn't  until 2020 that people were ready to embrace the concept of making a public space a personal one. 

On average,  it takes 30 seconds to put on our seat covers because they work just like a fitted sheet.  Similar to high quality sheets, they're washable, reusable and designed to accompany you on many journeys to come.

When folded up, the cover fits into a reversible pocket which once on the seat, serves as your storage space; so you can keep your phone, ear buds, etc. together with out having to use the seat pocket on the plane. 

Numerous scientific studies have shown that headrests and seat pockets have the highest concentration of illness causing germs over any other surfaces on planes. With NiceSeats you can avoid both of these spaces and ditch the task of having to clean them with a pack of wipes. 


  • Works on all economy and business class seats on airplanes. ( covers all but leg rest on lie-flat airplane seats).
  • Sheet like quality cotton center panels.
  • Stretch knit blend side panels for fit versatility.
  • Reversible carry pouch doubles as on seat storage pocket.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Does not interfere with video screens
  • Built with integrity, made to last. 

NiceSeats were designed with the expertise of our founder Angela Aaron; an international costume designer currently working for Cirque Du Soleil. Functionality, longevity and style are the pillars of everything she creates. 

Center- 98% Cotton 2% Spandex | Sides- 83% Poly 14% Rayon 3% Spandex 

Machine Wash Separately Cold | Tumble Dry Low | Press to Make Like New!