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NiceSeats Original size seat covers fit a wide variety of public seats including upper & economy class airplane seats, flatbed airplane seats, train, bus, movie theatre seats and more. They cover all but the footrest on modern business/ first class lie-flat seats. The only seats we’ve found that NiceSeats don’t fit on are some first-class seats on airplanes built before 1980 but these are increasingly rare to encounter. 

NiceSeats Lie-Flat, First Class & Business Class size seat covers completely cover the entire seat and footrest on lay flat seats. The Lie-Flat size is not recommended for Domestic flights.  

We designed NiceSeats much like a fitted sheet - with a stretchy, elastic edge that pulls around most seats.

NiceSeats only covers the seat and seat back of your chair - not the arms that are often shared with your neighbor. You stand in front of the seat you're covering so no hold up to others. It takes 20 seconds or less to put NiceSeat on; easy peasy. 

NiceSeats do not cover the video screens on the back of an airplane or shuttle seats. The seat top stays above the screen and in many cases goes over an adjustable headrest. 

NiceSeats are completely machine washable. For best results wash in cold water with similar colors and tumble dry on low or line dry. To keep NiceSeats germ free in between uses mist all over with NiceSpray.