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Hello, I'm Angela Aaron

I’m a costume designer, and I invented the first washable seat cover designed to be used for travel on planes, trains and busses.
A good part of my time as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer has been spent working in theatre, specializing in magic and circus shows. I work for a company that was purchased by Cirque Du SoleiI and that means I've spent hundreds of hours on planes. Think lots of red eye flights from Sydney to Beijing, or London to Hollywood, and waking up, with my face glued to a surface that has been shared by countless occupants before me. 
Even thought we all know how it works we really don't think about it much. But this is basically what happens: The plane pulls into the gate, every one plies out; a crew comes in to pick up trash then you get on and sit in a seat that's still warm from the guy who sat, slept and ate there for hours, moments before you got on. It’s really pretty gross and no secret anymore.
I started to think about what the dream product that could deliver a way to make my seat on the bus in the sky, feel like my private sleeperette. When I looked at the seat objectively  it occurred to me the seats are basically like little mattresses.Sitting and sleeping on a plane is like sleeping on a hotel mattress with out sheets; who wants that? It has to be something that I bring with me, that's not too bulky, fast and easy to use, comfortable, and easily washable.

Sitting and sleeping on a plane is like sleeping on a hotel mattress with out sheets; who wants that?

I looked up airplane seat covers and there was nothing on the market that met the requirements for what I had in mind. Since I regularly work with pattern makers and stitchers, it was clear that I needed to create my own product; and of course add to the list that it needs to look good and be made to last; that's what we do when we make costumes. 

Multiple prototypes and several test flights later, I had a winner and NiceSeats  was born in 2005. 

I originally designed my seat covers for airplanes, but the more I had them with me in different situations, like on a hot and sticky bus in Cuba for example, the more I was delighted by how versatile they truly are. 

You can also easily fit them on train, bus seats, or even on movie theater seats. My favorite part of this journey is hearing the different ways in which people fine a use for NiceSeats.  

One repeat customer messaged me that she had spread her seat cover out on the floor at a gate, as a space for her kids to play while waiting to board a plane. It's fantastic to offer something that people can use in a ways specific to their needs.

While I created NiceSeats with the intention of making time in transit more pleasant, it’s become much more to me than that. While I always knew having a barrier between myself the countless others who've sat in my seat would reduce the chances of getting sick on planes it's never been more important than it is today in the time of Coronavirus. Now it's apparent we need to change the way we do things. Making a shared space your space is one of many ways we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Safe and happy travels,