Hello, I'm Angela Aaron founder of NiceSeats – NiceSeats Hello, I'm Angela Aaron founder of NiceSeats

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Hello, I'm Angela Aaron founder of NiceSeats

I’m an international costume designer, and while traveling the world, I invented the first washable seat cover designed exclusively to be used on planes, trains and buses. 

The inspiration for NiceSeats was born of my desire to make my travel time as clean, calm and comfortable as possible. My goal was to eliminate the “ick factor”  - the feeling we get when we realize we're basically sharing a bed with countless others. 

I wanted to upgrade my travel experience in a simple, sustainable way, by using a seat cover that could be freshly laundered from home. I searched the market but came up empty handed, so I set out to apply my skills and professional experience to create my own solution.

Jump forward to 2005, several prototypes and many test flights later, NiceSeats was born in Los Angeles where they’re still made today. Admittedly, it’s taken awhile, and unfortunately a pandemic to catch on, but now that travelers are conscious of not wanting to share unpleasant things with each other, it seems like everyone is finally getting on board.

Safe and happy travels,