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Why I invented a washable and reusable airplane seat cover.


Hey there, I’m Angela Aaron.

I’m a costume designer, and for years I was traveling the world to work on a variety of live theater performances, specializing in magic and circus shows. 

That meant nights and days up in the air, flying from Sydney to Beijing, or London to Hollywood, and waking up, with my face glued to a heavily used, uncomfortable airplane seat that hadn't been cleaned for what was potentially, hundreds of flights.

It really is like sleeping on a hotel mattress with out sheets!

It’s honestly extremely gross and no secret anymore.

I decided that no matter how crazy people would think I am for not wanting to sit in all of that ick I needed to find something to improve my long distance, transit experience. 

The question was: How can I feel clean, relaxed, and how about civilized while on a flight? It has to be something that I bring with me, that's not too bulky, and doesn't cause a fuss on board. 

My eureka moment came when I realized airplane seats are basically like small mattresses. And obviously all mattresses need sheets!

I wanted something clean from home, to cover the entire airplane seat like a fitted sheet covers a mattress. 

I researched the market, and there was absolutely nothing out there. 

Since I use fabric and design for a living, and regularly work with pattern makers and sewers, I decided to dream up my own product:

An airplane seat cover that’s clean, comfortable, washable, and reusable.  

Plus cute (of course), and fast and easy to use.

Multiple prototypes and several test flights later, I had a winner and NiceSeats  was born. This is a picture of me on one of the early days photoshoots I did. 

I originally designed my seat covers for airplanes, but the more I had them with me in different situations, like on a hot and sticky bus in Cuba for example, the more I was delighted by how versatile they truly are. 

You can also easily fit them on train, bus seats, or even on movie theater seats. My favorite part of this journey is hearing the different ways in which people fine a use for NiceSeats.  

Travelers with severe allergies and immune deficiencies report that a NiceSeats seat cover helps them to reduce contact with potential irritants and allergens found on seats.

One excited customer messaged me that she had spread her seat cover out on the floor at a gate, as a space for her kids to play while waiting to board a plane. 

While I created NiceSeats with the intention of making time in transit more pleasant, it’s been more rewarding than I could have imagined to create a product that’s protective, comforting and eco-friendly all at the same time.

Safe and happy travels,