Hello, I'm Angela Aaron, founder of NiceSeats. – NiceSeats


Hello, I'm Angela Aaron, founder of NiceSeats.

Ok, twist my arm, I admit it. I take full credit for coming up with and creating the very first washable seat cover designed to be used by individuals when traveling on planes, trains or buses. 

I’m an international costume designer working for a Cirque Du Soleil owned company and, over the years, I've spent days and nights on flights and the occasional bus. This left me thinking, “This is grimy, there has to be a better way."

 I felt like cattle, packed in on planes and buses,  grossed out by the amount of hours we are pinned to our seats, unable to move. I felt that “my" seat was still warm and filthy from all the other people who sat there before me, and just wanted  to travel better.  

I applied my professional skills and started designing, initially just for myself, and then I realized that there are a lot of others who feel the same way. The design mission was to create something that is portable, very fast and easy to use, and offers a sense of calm, control, all affording you the luxury ofclean.  I also wanted to stop using the back-of-the-seat pocket on planes. A Gucci rain coat that folded into a reversible zippered pouch on the sleeve served as the inspiration for the reversible on-seat storage to keep my most important things on-hand. 

Jump forward to 2005, several prototypes and many test flights later, NiceSeats was born in Los Angeles; where most of them are still made today. Admittedly it’s taken a while, and unfortunately a pandemic to catch on but now that people are conscious of how some things are better left kept to themselves, travelers are getting on board.

I want to share the peace of mind I have when traveling with my NiceSeats; I want to empower as many people as possible to explore their dream destinations, and remember, you’ll enjoy the destination more if the journey is clean, calm and comfy.

Let's go places, together