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Hello, I'm Angela Aaron, founder of NiceSeats.

In my experience, flying these days is kind of rough around the edges and not always comfy. I get it, it’s going to be tight but really, it’s the thought that the seats are heavily used, rarely cleaned and that I'm obliged to sit there for ages. Sure, it's a public seat but when we pile into them, they’re practically still warm from the previous occupant and the countless others before them sitting, sleeping, eating, sneezing etc., right there. 

It’s doesn’t help that I’ve see some unpleasant things on flights; (diaper fail, slobbering coughing fit, shockingly messy eater) and, we’ve all read stories about horrifyingly gross things found on airplane seats. So, since I design and make things for a living my mind naturally went to work on how I could make this better; because clearly the airlines weren’t going to change.

In first class they give you fresh linens; they make that effort because that’s what they believe provides the best possible experience. I saw clearly that this would make a difference. I could make it so we could all be afforded that luxury. This way, we can all easily upgrade ourselves, and make the most of the confines and conditions of present day air travel, every time we fly. 

Happy travels,