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August 25, 2020 2 min read

There are a few things a good hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray need to be; non-toxic is one of them. A recent article published by Good Housekeeping outlines an ever-expanding list of potentially toxic ingredients contained in hand sanitizer products on the market, as compiled by the FDA.

This is particularly alarming, considering that many of us have used more hand sanitizer in 2020 than in our entire life times.

Federal regulators have recalled dozens of hand sanitizers — many being sold at Walmart and other national retailers — because they contain dangerous and potentially deadly levels of wood alcohol along with a newly identified toxic ingredient, 1-propanol. Other products on the list are sub-potent or contain microbial contamination.

Demand for hand sanitizer has skyrocketed during the pandemic as Americans were urged to wash their hands often to guard against the coronavirus, sparking a rush of new brands onto the market. But since June, the Food and Drug Administration has identified at least 150 products that consumers should avoid. Many of the products are mislabeled, stating they contain ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol), while FDA tests show that they contain either 1-propanol or methanol (wood alcohol).

Methanol and 1-propanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin, the agency said in an advisory. Methanol can cause blindness, while 1-propanol can have adverse effects on the immune system; both can be lethal if ingested.

Because the products are mislabeled, consumers are unable to determine which hand sanitizers actually contain methanol or 1-propanol. The FDA keeps a running tally of the recalled products on its continuously updated list.

When confronted with this information, I'm grateful that when we set out to formulate a sanitizing spray that would keep NiceSeats, fabrics, hard surfaces and hands germ-free on the go, we put in the extra resources to make it safe, effective and all natural. 

Not only is NiceSpray made according to CDC guidelines, it's also made in the USA. In applying a holistic approach to design, we not only made sure of the efficacy against germs and bacteria we also took care to create a product that’s comforting, by using therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil for relaxation and fractionated coconut oil to leave your hands soft and smooth. 

As always, our mission is to continue to keep you clean, calm and comfy when you're on the go. If you have any thoughts on how we can do this better, drop us a line. 

Best regards, 


Angela Aaron
Angela Aaron

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