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Purifying Spray

Keep hands, surfaces & your seat covers germ free with this effective, all natural disinfectant spray.

Oftentimes laundry's not in your travel plans, and rightly so!  We've created NiceSpray for a quick and effective way to keep your seat cover free from the very bacteria and germs you wish to avoid.  NiceSpray disinfects fabric, surfaces and hands effectively; with a truly exceptional, all natural, lavender fragrance and feel.

How to use:

Mist the seat before applying NiceSeats. Spray surrounding surfaces like arm rests and tray tables. Mist hands and rub together until dry. Relax.

Mist NiceSeats to disinfect when laundering is not an option. Hang to dry.

The details: 

Disinfecting Properties
-Isopropyl alcohol as an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal disinfectant increase as the molecular weight increases. Isopropyl alcohol is more effective than ethanol alcohol, hence our choice. NiceSpray is made according to CDC guidelines for sanitization. 

Top quality Ingredients
-Therapeutic grade lavender essential oil has a clean and soothing fragrance shown to inspire relaxation and relieve anxiety. 
-Fractionated Coconut Oil is a powerful moisturizer that absorbs quickly and will leave your skin soft and smooth.  Does not leave film or residue on fabric and hard surfaces.
-Toxic-free glass bottles provide protection from heat and eliminate the breakdown and toxicity that occurs when similar ingredients are contained in plastic. 

Wholistic Components
-Ethically sourced bio-enhanced quartz crystals, holding frequencies scientifically proven to diffuse negative energy, super charge the protective and calming quality of this exceptional sanitizing spray.
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    Love Love my spay bottle.

    Amazing!! I can sanitize anything!!!

    Shelley C.
    United States United States
    Nice spray is truly nice.

    It's worth it! It costs more than what I usually pay for sanitizer but it's totally different than any I have found.


    I ordered this to use on my seat cover but I'm usinging on everything now. Already placed my second order.

    A must have for today's world we now live in.

    I loved using my Nice Seats cover to travel to LA a few years ago. Felt much safer using it. Could sit back & relax in my sear knowing it was clean. Would not consider flying commercially today without it. Now with the added protection of the all new fabric & hand sanitizer will be extra protection.


    Easy to use and felt more at ease sitting down after I slipped on my nice seats. Knew they were clean. With the disenfectant spray that will be an added precaution. It's also small enough to carry in my bag.